Sunday, October 7, 2012

Four Winds

Hooray! We have Four Winds in our classroom this year, and our first lesson was AWESOME! Thanks so much to Sue Rublee (Molly's mom) and Lisa Solomon (mom of a student in Mrs. Hughes' class) for being our Four Winds teachers on Friday. Students loved learning about spiders, and I know they learned a lot. I did too, and I found myself noticing spiders everywhere over the weekend--all around my house! I already have a mini-study of spiders planned as a follow-up. Students were just too excited to not learn a little bit more about these fascinating creatures. We did fun activities in the classroom for our first Four Winds on Friday--the puppet show, studying spiders with magnifying glasses, and a great packet of spider materials. We also did go outside to try to find spiders--we have some great spider finders in our class! We played a fun game outside too. Ask your child for more details on the outside portion, as I did not have time to take photos during that portion of the lesson.

Wondering where that cool spider ring came from on Friday (if it made it home with your child). The answer--FOUR WINDS! What a great way to prompt your child to tell  you about that month's topic. I hope you already heard all about it. :-) 

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  1. I'm scared of spiders, so that ring spider that popped out of Gavin's bag made me jump! ;)

  2. Thanks Sue and Lisa for sharing your time with the kids. I know Kiera was very excited and happy to have Four Winds!