Sunday, October 14, 2012

Martian Greeting and Monday Journals

 It's a really fuzzy picture, so I kept this one small, but I hope your child can remember the "Martian Call" song to sing to you! This is how we started our morning last Monday. It's funny and silly--a great way to start the day on a Monday morning!

Speaking of Monday, Mondays are also when we work on our Monday journals. Your children will have their Monday journals in their backpacks every Monday when they come home from school. Please be sure to read your child's latest journal entry and discuss it together. Also, if your child would like to add more to the picture or words, please allow him/her to do so (but we only use one page per entry in these journals). I ask that you do not dictate how to spell words. I am trying to instill in children that they should stretch words out and write them the best they can. Correct spelling is important, and those skills will come, but I want first graders to enjoy getting their thoughts onto paper without worrying about it being perfect. Thanks for your help with this!

We sometimes share what we write in our Monday Notebooks as a way to celebrate hard work and to learn more about one another.

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  1. Gavin had fun teaching his younger sister the "Martian Call!" :)