Monday, October 22, 2012

Patterns and the iPad

Some groups used the iPad today to record their thinking about patterns during our math workshop station time. ShowMe is a very basic, easy-to-use, FREE app. It has many possibilities, which I'm sure we'll explore as the year goes on. Today, I taught children how to take a photo of the pattern they created, label it with letters, and then record their descriptions of the pattern. Here are some samples from today. I hope to share everyone's soon. Also, only half of the class did this station today--the rest will enjoy this activity tomorrow.

This was the lesson I created with students as an example:

Here is Zachary's lesson:

Here is Makayla's lesson:

Here is Kasil's lesson:

Here is Kamron's lesson:


  1. This is wonderful, Mrs. Sorenson and students! I have a connection to this for rhythm in music. Is it possible for your students to bring some of these different shapes to class tomorrow? If each student can work on their own patterns, we can transform them into a rhythm and maybe even play those rhythms on rhythm percussion instruments!

  2. These are great, I can't wait to see the rest! I might just have to check this app out Mrs. Sorenson, Thanks :-)