Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today in 1st Grade--Harvest Party and More!

Wow! The energy level today was high (as we expected)! I hope that students had a great Halloween night! We had a fun-filled day of learning in first grade today, topped off with a wonderful Harvest Party at the end of the day. Thanks to all who sent things in for the party and/or were able to join us. It was a success!

Miss Dube started the day right with this morning message...
We had math in the morning instead of the usual afternoon time since our Harvest Party took place during our math block. Measuring with candy corn was popular! 
Roll-a-Skeleton was a just-for-fun math game. 
We started a pumpkin investigation today. Students did some estimating about this very large pumpkin--its weight, height, and number of lines. Soon, we'll carve it and scoop out the seeds! Then we'll estimate how many seeds there are, wash them, count them, and on Friday we'll sample them and collect data about who likes/dislikes pumpkin seeds (after I roast them in my oven at home). 
More measurement! 
Estimating the pumpkin's height--we have some great estimators in our room!
Thanks for providing a yummy snack for our Harvest Party!
One of the three stations in the room during the Harvest Party was scratch art/bracelet making with Halloween beads. Students created some great patterns!
Scratch art--it was interesting to see. Most students wanted to scratch off all the black to see what was underneath!
Aww! These girls made some great cat scratch art!
My station was making "Gak," also known as Flubber. I hope that it made it home safely and wasn't TOO messy. It's easy to make! Just take equal parts of glue and liquid starch and a few drops of food coloring. Mix in a baggie until it coagulates (this was a new word for most!). Fun stuff!
Our great snack spread. That made a fantastic third station at our party--the snack station! 
The Halloween art station!
Gak (slime)!
More art :-)
Nice work!
Our special project today was making these candy corn creatures! And I love the black cats hanging out in the background. :-)


  1. Thanks for sharing all of the great pictures - I think the kids had lots of fun!

    1. I think they did too! I know I did! Doing the party in stations works for me. Much less chaotic!

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures so quickly! Looks like it was a fun day! Can't wait to hear about the pumpkins seeds. We made spicy ones this year :)

    1. I'm excited to do the pumpkin seeds too! Harder to fit it in when I'm not the teacher 100% of the time. I keep forgetting to talk to Miss Dube about a time to fit that in! But we will do it soon!

  3. I love to see the kids on party days. They are always so excited! :)

    Tera O'Brien