Sunday, October 7, 2012

SWR Stations

Last week, students began work in their SWR stations. SWR stands for Spelling, Writing, and Reading, and it is our spelling and word study program. Each week, students will visit four stations: Teacher, Technology, Word Game World, and Word Work. Often, there will be different jobs for each group at each station, depending on the needs of the specific group. Students seem to like SWR stations so far, and it allows me to differentiate for every learner. The activities at SWR stations will change each week.

Teacher Station: Making Words 
Word Game World: alphabet puzzles, opposites puzzles, silly sentences game, long/short vowel puzzles--lots of choices!
Technology Station: Using the Word Wizard app, something brand new to everyone!
Word Work: A sight word (have) poem and then choices of a variety of other word work choices
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