Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Terrific Tuesday!

Our day started with a terrific Morning Meeting activity led by Miss Dube called "A Cool Wind Blows." Ask your child to describe the activity to you. It is a bit like musical chairs, but we get to find out a little bit more about one another. I was proud of how well students maintained self control while also having fun with this movement- and listening-based activity. Hooray, first graders!
The student in the center is saying, "A cool wind blows for anyone ________" and then finishing the sentence. It could be, "The cool wind blows for anyone" who likes pizza, has a brother, likes fishing, is wearing pink, etc.
Students go to the center if they fit that category, and then try to find a new chair to sit. There is one fewer chair than the number of students. So, the person left standing determines the next category. 
Can you find an open spot? Hurry, hurry!
We began a new component of our Reading Workshop today: Read with Someone time. Students were assigned partners today, and each and every partnership worked beautifully! Tomorrow students will choose a partner and they will do this for the rest of the week until next week when everyone will choose a partner to read with for several weeks. Ask your child what EEKK means (hint: it has to do with the way we sit during Read with Someone time). 

The photo below is just for fun. One of our math stations is the "Hands On" math station, and it has already included many different materials. Students have choices of what to do during this, as well as other, math stations. The crystal connectors have been a popular choice. Such creative thinkers we have in first grade!
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