Thursday, October 25, 2012

Maps and our community

Students seem to be enjoying our community unit! We started with learning about community helpers, then students learned about the places where community helpers work, and now we are getting into basic mapping concepts. Miss Dube created a great lesson in which students helped to create a map of a fictional town full of important community buildings. Students enjoyed coloring the buildings and then posting them on the map. Some of the places went in certain spots on the map, and students had to find clues about where they should go. For example, the airport goes by the airplane, the school goes by the playground, the fire station goes by the fire trucks, and so on. I took a lot of pictures as the map creation was in progress.
Next, we will focus on more mapping skills. Students will learn about the compass rose (to learn about the directions North, South, East, and West) and will begin to better understand where we are on the map. There is lots more to come, and it will lead perfectly into our country study (about Mexico) coming up in December! 

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