Sunday, October 27, 2013


We had an excellent visit to the Burnham Library on Friday morning! Everyone was able to learn about the library's history and get to know Hannah and Pam, two of the children's librarians. They are certainly important helpers in our community! Our class went with Mrs. Hughes' class, and it's always fun to join up with friends from other classes. As we left and I was thanking our hosts, one the the librarians said,"It was our pleasure. They were delightful!" What a compliment for our students!

Everyone checked out a book--they brought it home if they had an account in good standing at the library. For those who were unable to check out a book on their own, we allowed them to check one out under a teachers name to be kept at school. If your child brought a book home, you are responsible for returning it to the Burnham Library. If this presents a problem let me know and I will help get it back on time.

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