Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Students as bloggers!

I'm very excited to see that, this time, I didn't even have to spread the news--students did it themselves! We officially entered the world of blogging TODAY! Not everyone has had a turn to post on his/her blog yet, so I was planning to wait until tomorrow to make this announcement. But when I checked my email I had notifications that parents and other loved ones were already commenting on their child's blog! Yippee--that means that many students went home and talked about it. That's a good sign. :-)

Today I taught everyone how to log-in to their blogs using the Kidblog app on the iPad. They can also post from any computer, and they can access their blogs through this blog (right-hand sidebar) or by using the URL (They can do this at home too, any time.) Students worked with their literacy partners today, and one person was the author while the other person was the helper. Tomorrow, they will switch roles. By the end of the day tomorrow, look for every student to have their first post on Kidblog. Hooray!

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  1. Hi Mrs. Sorenson's Class,
    Are you having a good day? We like your blogs because they are like ours! Great work on your iPads. Do you enjoy iPads? We have iPads too! Do you also have computers? What did you choose to write about?
    Mrs. Bright's Class - Room 222