Monday, October 14, 2013

Today in 1st Grade

Here's a glimpse into our day today--it's marvelous Monday!

We have been working hard on counting nickels and pennies. It's not an easy skill but everyone is doing great!

We launched our official literacy partnerships today and students had a chance to discuss their writing with their partners today. Their conversations made me smile! Great conversations, and everyone was on topic!

They were such great listeners for each other. Can you tell?

We've been discussing how to write focused narratives by focusing on the "seed story," not the big "watermelon topic." 

Book Clubs during Daily 5 are going well! We've been working on story mapping and retelling the story in detail after reading!

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  1. Hi Mrs. Sorenson's First Grade Class,

    We enjoyed reading and looking at the photos of your classroom!
    We like the idea of reading and retelling a story. We do that too!
    Many of us love your carpet because it is rainbow and has the alphabet on it!
    Zoe thinks it is a good idea to do a small moment idea (seed) and not the big watermelon idea. We are going to try that! Isabel and Katie like the idea of thinking about writing like a small seed.
    Finn says he likes how you talk about your writing with each other.
    Graham like how your classroom looks because it's really colorful.
    Charlotte wonders if you have writing journals?
    Have a good school day!

    Mrs. Langhus' First Grade Class
    The Madeleine School
    Portland, Oregon, USA