Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our Skype with the fire dogs!

Our first Skype session was a complete success and I am eager to do more very soon! We invited Mrs. Hughes and her students next door to join us for our visit with Firefighter Dayna and her wonderful Dalmation fire dog, Molly. Dayna was wonderful with the children and integrated a lot of valuable teaching into this session. Students had an opportunity to think about geography and, of course, fire safety. We decided it was easier to see our "guests" on the whiteboard with the lights off, so I apologize that the quality of these pictures isn't the greatest. Currently, our next Skype is on Monday, October 28th with a class in New Jersey with the theme, "Monster Math." I am busy arranging connections with many classes for a variety of learning opportunities, so stay tuned!

Firefighter Dayna had a great way with the class! So friendly and so knowledgeable!
Students enjoyed having an opportunity to ask questions.
Seeing the dog  (Molly) was definitely a highlight!
The iPad made it easy for students to ask questions and be seen and heard. The images from the iPad were projected (mirrored) to the whiteboard screen.
I loved that Dayna plugged Colchester into a maps app on her iPhone and calculated how far apart were were--Arkansas to Vermont! Great geography connection!

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