Sunday, October 13, 2013

Morning Meeting, Guidance, and a special visit!

Morning Meeting
We always begin our day with Morning Meeting. Each day we greet each other, have sharing time, do an activity, and read our morning message. On Thursday, students revisited an activity that is a familiar favorite: Coseeki! In this activity, one student goes to the hall and we choose a "secret leader" in our circle. They guesser then comes back into the classroom and tries to figure out who is leading the class in the motions we are doing. The leader has to be careful not to change the motion while the guesser is looking! We are getting very good at this activity--the guessers are using their power of observation and the leaders are being strategic about when to change the motion to the guesser doesn't see! 

Mrs. McCleary, our school counselor, comes in for Guidance lessons weekly. Currently, the class is working on knowing the difference between tattling and reporting. They played a game on Friday to help distinguish the two. Ask a first grader to explain the difference! Be sure to check out Mrs. McCleary's blog to see the latest news in Guidance and for many great family resources.

Community Helpers
As mentioned in an earlier post, our latest social studies unit is about Community Helpers. We were fortunate to have Officer Jeff Fontaine and Chief Jennifer Morrison visit our classroom on Friday afternoon. Mrs. Hughes' class joined us as well. We had prepared questions for the officers, and our students displayed excellent audience behavior. I wonder how many first graders want to be a police officer when they grow up?

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