Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Math Moments

We are practicing telling time to the hour, and soon we will add telling time to the half hour. Students made paper clocks this week, which should have made their way home. I told students these clocks would be great for telling time practice at home. We have plenty of wooden mini clocks at school for this purpose. Making the clocks was fun, too! We've been talking about how many hours are in a day, what the terms a.m. and p.m. mean, and what types of things we do at various times during the day to raise everyone's awareness of time and how it influences our day. It's a big concept!

Students have had a chance to explore some important math tools in a non-mathematical way recently. I allowed students to use rulers for drawing straight lines, connecting the dots, and creating designs and dominoes for building and creating designs, mazes, etc. Soon, these items will be important tools in our math workshop for measurement (rulers) and exploring addition and subtraction (dominoes). I've found that once students have had a chance to explore and play, they are ready to use these tools like mathematicians when the time comes.

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